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Readings with Laura

It is important to me to give you a reading that is not only illuminating, but motivating. I am a trained mental health counselor and have worked with clients to help them seize the lives they want to live. In my astrology readings, I tap into my counseling background to help you gain awareness and build strategies to meet your goals. I value:

I strive to give you the best possible experience, so our reading starts before we meet.  I study your chart in depth prior to our appointment to learn your chart intimately. 

Honesty is a necessary part of creating change. I help you take an honest look at your strengths, challenges, and goals so you can move forward on your healing journey.

We are all human.  We have all been through elation and heartache in our own ways, and they are all valid.  I want to honor your experience nonjudgmentally.

Astrology is a complex art and science, and there is always more to learn. I am dedicated to continuous study to fill my own gaps and better serve you over time.

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Start your self discovery journey with a foundational reading, then identify goals that will optimize your life. Receive regular coaching from Laura to keep yourself accountable and adjust your strategy based on the upcoming astrology. Use the form below to to let me know you’re interested and why. I’ll get back to you with next steps.


Don’t see what you’re looking for? I can help! I love to accommodate special reading requests. Whether you want to do a deep dive into the past, uncover family patterns, or something else, I am happy to work with you. Use the form below to tell me what you’d like to accomplish, and I’ll get back to you with next steps.


“Look outside and you will see yourself. Look inside and you will find yourself.”

— Drew Gerald